Timber construction

1 € per kg of wood means at CLT
with a density of 450 kg/m3:
  • 100 mm panel: 45 €/m2 Promotion
  • 120 mm panel: 54 €/m2 Promotion
  • 200 mm panel: 90 €/m2 Promotion
  • 240 mm panel: 108 €/m2 Promotion

Promotion for timber construction:
1,00 Euro per kg
Wood used in construction

5. call: 02.05.2023 until 29.09.2023 | 24:00 hrs submit

With the funding priority "Buildings in timber construction", the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism is implementing an essential part of measure 9 "Increased use of wood as a raw material" of the Forest Fund Act. With the Forest Fund, the federal government has put together a major package for the future of our forests, from which all those involved in forest management, the entire forestry-wood-paper value chain, the climate and the general public will benefit. Project submissions are possible within defined timeframes (calls). The individual calls are published in good time on the Kommunalkredit Public Consulting homepage.

What is promoted?

Funding is available for new buildings and additions and extensions to multi-storey residential buildings as well as buildings used for public purposes or for public infrastructure in timber construction with a high proportion of renewable raw materials from sustainable management ("CO2-bonus"). The purpose of the promotion is to strengthen the use of wood as a raw material as an active contribution to climate protection.
The funding focus includes new construction as well as additions and extensions to the following types of buildings in timber construction:

Buildings for public use

with at least 200 m² net floor space

Multi-storey residential buildings

with at least 400 m² net floor area, at least 2 floors above ground and more than 3 residential units

Buildings for public infrastructure

with at least 200 m² net floor space

Solid wood, sawn timber

Wooden roof constructions with inclination below 20°.
necessary roof and interior wall cladding made of wood
Drywall work as part of exterior walls and roofs

Wood materials

With a wood content of at least 80%

Insulation materials

Insulating materials made from wood-based materials
Insulation materials from cellulose

In the case of additions and extensions, the minimum criteria refer to the new parts of the building created by these additions and extensions (see Technical Requirements). Underground floors or basement floors do not count towards the net floor area.

Who is eligible to apply?

Natural persons and legal entities, partnerships registered in the commercial register and their associations (associations of persons), each with a branch office in Austria, as well as regional authorities (federal government, provinces, municipalities).

More information

More details can be found on the Homepage of the KPC can be viewed. You can obtain information by telephone directly from the "Buildings in timber construction" service team at the KPC:

T: 01/31 6 31-712
F: 01/31 6 31-104 


Bavaria pays climate premium for wooden houses

500 euros grant per tonne of CO2 stored

Bavarian Timber Construction Promotion Programme - BayFHolz

The basis of the Bavarian Timber Construction Promotion Programme is active climate protection. The aim and purpose of the funding is to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions and to bind carbon in the long term. In this way, the funding is intended to conserve finite resources by increasing the use of building materials made of wood and other renewable raw materials.

Eligible carbon stored for new construction, extensions and additions to local authority buildings of timber construction and multi-storey residential buildings of timber construction.

Further information:

What is promoted?

Municipal buildings such as administrative buildings and social infrastructure such as schools and kindergartens are eligible for funding. Funding is also available for the construction of new buildings, extensions and additions to multi-storey residential buildings. Cities and municipalities, but also private building owners and companies are to benefit from this. The funding is granted as a grant and can also be combined with the housing promotion programmes. The amount of the grant is 500 euros per tonne of carbon bound in the timber construction elements and insulation materials. The grant amounts to up to 200,000 euros per construction measure.

Our experience: we process

m2 CLT per year

We are making the CLT smarter:
We supply and process cross laminated timber for your project.
We can support you from the planning stage to the processing of the solid wood walls and delivery to the construction site.

This goes so far that we already install windows in the wall element at the factory. What has long been common practice in the prefabricated house industry is a novelty in cross laminated timber.

Leidorf GmbH is Your supplier for cross laminated timber / CLT

CLT Platte kurze Lieferzeit

We are specialists in the sale of cross laminated timber / CLT. We have quotas with all manufacturers we can offer you a year-round delivery time of 4 - 6 weeks.

If you wish, we can process the cross laminated timber in any shape with our robot CNC system. Drilling, milling, cutting. It doesn't matter to our CND robot whether we mill right-angled or free forms. We give you all the freedom you need for your solid wood project!

Advantages of CLT

45% shorter construction time

.... rent earlier

... previous sale .... saves costs on the construction site ... shorter financing times

3% more lettable area

.... by the same

The timber construction has lower wall thicknesses due to the

2/3 less weight

.... This saves costs at

the foundation and dimensioning of the floor slab .... for the lifting tools

7 x fewer truck journeys

For an eight-storey residential building in timber construction

Decidedly fewer transports of building materials are required than with a conventional construction method.

Source: Housing in wood, arguments and built examples, proHolz Austria, September 2018

"The market for CLT has grown strongly in recent years. We also see an extremely positive market development for the coming years."
Alexander Leidorf
Founder and Managing Director of Leidorf GmbH


Cross Laminated Timber or cross laminated timber (BSP)

Panel thicknesses: 60 - 320 mm

Panel widths: 2.25m, 2.45m, 2.75m, 2.95 m, special widths on request

Panel length: 8.0m - 16.0m

Qualities: Industrial quality, non-visual quality, visual quality