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Leidorf GmbH is your Laminated veneer lumber / LVL
remium dealer
for Austria and Southern Germany

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LVL in stock in Austria
in Altheim / Geinberg, near Passau Suben

We have more than 6,000 m2 of LVL in stock at our location in A-4943 Altheim / Geinberg. We specialise in large-format boards with 2.5 x 13.5 m. The following panel thicknesses and panel formats in Kerto / LVL are available:

Beam and plate

Thicknesses: 21, 24,27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57, 63, 69, 75mm

Panel format: 2.5 x 13.5 m

Surface: ground


Laminated veneer lumber | Kerto

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"Due to our warehouse of laminated veneer lumber / LVL in Austria, we offer very short delivery times and minimal freight costs."
Alexander Leidorf
Managing Director of Leidorf Holzbau

Advantages of LVL / laminated veneer lumber

20% higher E-modulus than BSH

The E-modulus of Kerto-S is 13,800 N/mm2. In comparison, the modulus of elasticity of BSH GL24h is 11,500 N/mm2.

83% more resistant to bending than BSH

The flexural strength of Kerto-S is extremely high. It is 44 n/mm2. BSH GL 24h is quite a bit lower at 24 N7mm2.

43 % "slimmer" than BSH

With the same bending strength, a BSH GL 24h beam with 100 x 240 mm corresponds to a Kerto-S beam with 57 x 240 mm. The Kerto construction can thus be slimmer

low shrinkage behaviour

Kerto leaves the factory with a low wood moisture content. Shrinkage deformations such as twisting and cracks are therefore almost impossible when used properly.

Short delivery time

Thanks to our warehouse in Upper Austria / near Passau Suben, we can deliver the LVL flexibly and quickly. If you wish, we will also be happy to cut the material to size for you.

Simple editing

Kerto is easy to mill, drill, saw and fix. It can be processed with all common woodworking machines

LVL / Laminated veneer lumber: Brochures

Kerto Flyer

Technical data and long term strengths

Kerto in practice

Brochure with many practical tips on pre-dimensioning and the use of Kerto

LVL Handbook Europe

Detailed manual on laminated veneer lumber

LVL Dimensioning: Software

Online tool for LVL pre-dimensioning

Simple online tool for pre-dimensioning Kerto beams and Kerto panels - comparison to BSH and I-beams

Finnwood dimensioning software

Comprehensive design software for Kerto beams, Kerto panels, ribbed panels and box elements

Modern LVL Garden Lounge

The Strohboid garden lounge stands out! A modern, atmospheric oasis for your own garden. Built from sustainable laminated veneer lumber. The unique lounge convinces with high-quality, natural materials and an exciting design. The beautifully shaped wooden construction and a durable membrane mean you can enjoy your lounge all year round. The comfortable, heatable outdoor space gives you room for spontaneous summer parties, family dinners, yoga, a romantic evening and much more.

The translucent membrane bathes the lounge in a unique light. Curtains inspire many design possibilities and keep the wooden lounge dry and cosy in any weather.

We think it's brilliant!

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