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Short construction time with cross laminated timber / CLT


Are you planning a single-family house made of wood?

Solid like a stone house - sustainable like a timber house. You can combine these two worlds with cross laminated timber.
Leidorf Holzbau is your competent solid wood partner from planning to delivery to the construction site. We support you in your project with our own timber construction planner. We process the cross laminated timber / CLT quickly and with high precision for you with our state-of-the-art robot CNC system.
If you are interested, we would also be happy to install windows or plasterboard in the factory.

We deliver the solid wood prefabricated parts to the construction site with our own fleet of vehicles.

Are you planning a multi-family house or an extension made of wood?

Cross laminated timber is ideal for a quick, economical and sustainable addition to residential buildings.
The solid wood walls are light - this is important for earthquake protection in Vienna, for example. The assembly takes place very quickly. This means that a very short construction time is achieved. Especially in urban environments, this is a great time and thus economic advantage. 
Under construction at the moment:
3 floors
19 flats
20th district
Interior fittings
CLT Visible ceiling
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Solid wall - screws also hold here

.... This saves costs at

the foundation and dimensioning of the floor slab .... for the lifting tools

up to 45% shorter construction time

.... rent earlier

... previous sale .... saves costs on the construction site ... shorter financing times

up to 3% more lettable area

.... by the same

The timber construction has lower wall thicknesses due to the

2/3 less weight

.... This saves costs at

the foundation and dimensioning of the floor slab .... for the lifting tools

Assembly in a few days


Crane times & scaffolding times

dry design

.... No dehydration

of the walls and ceilings necessary

Faster sale / rental of the property

in comparison

to conventionally constructed buildings due to dry construction without drying times

Up to 7 x fewer truck journeys

For an eight-storey residential building in timber construction

Decidedly fewer transports of building materials are required than with a conventional construction method.

Sustainability: solid wood binds CO2 in the long term

a building made of solid wood binds CO2

Like a CO2 battery, the solid wood stores carbon dioxide in the long term - over many decades

Source: Housing in wood, arguments and built examples, proHolz Austria, September 2018

Our experience: we process

m2 CLT per year

Single-family house:
Tight in only 3 days

Project report:
CLT installation in a factory hall, Upper Austria

CLT Brettsperrholz Indoor Baustelle

Project report: Addition to the Karrer joinery, Upper Austria

Extension to the Karrer joinery
in Wildenau, Upper Austria
Fastening the lifting system
2 screws are screwed into the face of the cross laminated timber elements.
Moving the CLT elements with the crane
The two screws are attached to the crane for moving the elements.
The loading order of the elements
is coordinated so that the parts can be moved immediately on the construction site and do not have to be stored temporarily
The screws of the lifting system
are unscrewed again
Screwing the wall elements together
from the outside with the cordless screwdriver