CLT / cross laminated timber

For your home

Solid wood wall

Solid like a stone house - sustainable like a wooden house. 
Cross laminated timber therefore combines the best of both worlds. 
In a CLT wall - as the material is also called - you can hammer a nail into the wall without hesitation and hang something up. 
At the same time, I am building a massive CO2 reservoir with the solid wood.


The renewable raw material wood stores more CO2 than is emitted during production. This makes the solid wood wall CO2-positive - a carbon sink. And here the rule is: the more CO2 is stored, the better.

Solid wood house or timber frame house?

The "classic" timber house is a so-called timber frame house. It is not made of solid boards. The timber frame is made of timber studs and boards. 
The cavity between the wooden ledgers is filled with an insulating material. 

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Advantages of CLT

45% shorter construction time

.... rent earlier

... previous sale .... saves costs on the construction site ... shorter financing times

3% more lettable area

.... by the same

The timber construction has lower wall thicknesses due to the

2/3 less weight

.... This saves costs at

the foundation and dimensioning of the floor slab .... for the lifting tools

7 x fewer truck journeys

For an eight-storey residential building in timber construction

Decidedly fewer transports of building materials are required than with a conventional construction method.

Source: Housing in wood, arguments and built examples, proHolz Austria, September 2018

Freedom in façade design

Wooden boarding

We are very flexible when it comes to the façade design. For example, wooden cladding can be applied. A combination with cladding made of sheet metal or wood materials is also possible.


Plaster facade

But a plaster façade is also possible. This makes your house look like a solid building - with solid walls but made of wood and not brick or concrete.

What influence do CLT walls have on the air quality of living spaces?

In a research project of Holzforschung Austria and Wood k-plus in Tulln, the indoor air quality of a CLT room was investigated.

To get a realistic picture, the CLT room was expanded step by step and subsequently also used.

The tests make it clear that the indoor air quality of the pure CLT construction is very good.

CLT - Space:
Very good indoor air quality

However, the use of the room has a significant influence on the measured VOC concentrations.

An example: When peeling an orange, the VOC emission briefly rises to 37.5 times that of the empty CLT room. After one hour, the VOC levels are still 15 times higher than the empty solid wood room.

Use influences indoor air quality

The research report states: "When a room is permanently used as a living or working space, a significant change in indoor air quality compared to the unoccupied room can thus be assumed."
In concrete terms, this means that the indoor air quality of the CLT-only room is very good. As the example of the Orange shows, it is the use that is responsible for much higher VOC emissions.

Source: Wood K plus, Holzforschung Austria, IBO Innenraumanalytik OG, Techn. Büro für Chemie Dr. Karl Dobianer - VOC emissions from wood products and indoor air quality, Summary of the final project report 2012 - 2014, 2015