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How can houses made of CLT / cross laminated timber be deconstructed?

Timber structures have been reused for centuries. The key to this is an easy-to-release connection of the components. What used to be a wooden nail is now X-fix. A detachable wood-wood connector for CLT panels.

Walls and ceilings can be connected to each other with the X-fix timber connector. This wood-wood connection can be easily released again when a building is dismantled. How does it work? Simply cut through the thinnest part of the X-fix with a hand-held circular saw - done.

The concept is also called DfD
"Design for Disassembly"

House of Wood
by Pirmin Jung

Building responsibly - that is Pirmin Jung's company philosophy. In Sursee, he is realising a service and residential building in future-oriented, energy-efficient timber system construction: The "House of Wood

In the project by Pirmin Jung Ingenieure, 5,000 X-fix units were installed.
In the House of Wood, special attention was paid to the deconstructability of the wooden construction. X-fix is the key to "Cradle2Cradle" here. With the wood-wood connectors, the components can be easily dismantled after use. The walls, ceilings and columns thus remain intact and can be recycled.

Image: X-fix
Image: X-fix
Image: X-fix