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Wood Courier 03/2022

High-tech robot system mills even complex shapes.

Whether it's round milled cross laminated timber panels, cervicals for a wood-concrete composite deck or a truss made of BauBuche, the Leidorf Group specialises in that contract joinery that often represents too much effort for manufacturers of BSP and laminated veneer lumber.

Robotics in wood technology: Power, precision and high flexibility

BSP | Special 2021

The future of woodworking has become increasingly important with the spread of
of robotics in timber construction has already begun. The Leidorf Group
is specialised in the robot processing of cross laminated timber, beech and LVL.
specialised. With a self-developed robotic CNC system, we machine
The Austrian company produces solid wood boards in the
XL format: Up to 3.5 by 20 m are possible. Due to the high flexibility
of the systems, even complex shapes can be realised. The
machine, it does not matter whether the components are round, square or in a
free form can be edited.

Leidorf invests

holz & eisen 01/21 - Schachermayer customer magazine

PRAXIS | 2015 has Alexander Leidorf
for a small revolution in timber construction
and a state-of-the-art robotic system has been installed.
for CNC machining
of XL wooden parts.

Success with the woodworking machine

wood magazine 01/2021

An Austrian SME developed its own robot system for processing wood five years ago. Today they are happy about strong growth

BSP: fast - complex - prefabricated

Wood Courier 04/2021

4 million € investment in new production hall

Leidorf Holztechnik in St. Martin im Innkreis specialises in what the cross laminated timber manufacturers themselves are often unable to cover: complex BSP joinery, a high degree of prefabrication (including windows, for example) and fast delivery.

"With our robotic CNC joinery system, we can also process difficult solid wood projects. For example, lateral drilling for lifting systems or milling out for wood-concrete composite ceilings are no problem for us," explains Managing Director Alexander
Leidorf. "Cross laminated timber manufacturers themselves are often reserved towards such special requests.

The long plant runtimes slow down their press capacity," he continues. So they end up
these more complex projects often with the Upper Austrian cross laminated timber specialist Leidorf.

Leidorf supplies HOLZ Landmark to Switzerland

Press release 10/2020
Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

Would you jump down there?
New landmark in the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide
(CH) opened

Together with the company Künzli Holzbau in Davos
Leidorf has a landmark made of cross-laminated timber.
for the mountain bike park "Bike Kingdom
built. The material and technology for this
comes from Austria.

The "fast" construction site

Wood Courier 12 / 2020

Increased prefabrication for carpenters, timber builders and construction companies

An article by Jasmin Rainer | 01.04.2020 – 07:43

Robotics in timber construction

Report 02 / 2020

Cross laminated timber specialist Leidorf has developed a completely new robotic system for the
Processing of large-format cross laminated timber elements. The speed
and flexibility of work is appreciated by clients from all over Europe. 

An article by Bernd Affenzeller | 05.02.2020


Austrian wood technologies such as the
Cross laminated timber (CBC) has conquered global markets. BSP is made from cross-laminated boards. From 2015 to 2018, the....

Agile with seven axles

Wood Courier 11 / 2019
XL Roboter CNC Leidorf GmbH

A robot offers more possibilities in woodworking

An article by Jasmin Rainer | 29.11.2019

Leidorf, a specialist in CNC joinery, helps cross-laminated timber manufacturers and timber construction companies to
more alternatives, among other things through more complex joinery and additional acoustic processing. At
The offer also includes trading in large-format timber and prefabrication that is not dependent on the weather.
in the factory.

Here you can download images

CLT machining on robot CNC system, 

Robot CNC plant,

CLT machining on robot CNC system, 

CLT Prefabrication in the factory,
Image: Leidorf

CLT / cross laminated timber
Image: Leidorf

CNC machining of a sculpture
Image: Leidorf

Kerto / LVL boards
Image: MetsäWood

BauBuche products
Image: Pollmeier