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CLT Platte kurze Lieferzeit

We are specialists in the sale of cross laminated timber / CLT. We have quotas with all manufacturers we can offer you a delivery time of 8 - 10 weeks.

If you wish, we can process the cross laminated timber in any shape with our robot CNC system. Drilling, milling, cutting. It doesn't matter to our CND robot whether we mill right-angled or free forms. We give you all the freedom you need for your solid wood project!

Our experience: we process

m2 CLT per year

We are making the CLT smarter:
We supply and process cross laminated timber for your project.
We can support you from the planning stage to the processing of the solid wood walls and delivery to the construction site.

This goes so far that we already install windows in the wall element at the factory. What has long been common practice in the prefabricated house industry is a novelty in cross laminated timber.

Advantages of CLT

45% shorter construction time

.... rent earlier

... previous sale .... saves costs on the construction site ... shorter financing times

3% more lettable area

.... by the same

The timber construction has lower wall thicknesses due to the

2/3 less weight

.... This saves costs at

the foundation and dimensioning of the floor slab .... for the lifting tools

7 x fewer truck journeys

For an eight-storey residential building in timber construction

Decidedly fewer transports of building materials are required than with a conventional construction method.

Source: Housing in wood, arguments and built examples, proHolz Austria, September 2018

"The market for CLT has grown strongly in recent years. We also see an extremely positive market development for the coming years."
Alexander Leidorf
Founder and Managing Director of Leidorf GmbH



Cross Laminated Timber or cross laminated timber (BSP)

Panel thicknesses: 60 - 320 mm

Panel widths: 2.25m, 2.45m, 2.75m, 2.95 m, special widths on request

Panel length: 8.0m - 16.0m

Qualities: Industrial quality, non-visual quality, visual quality


Cross Laminated Timber / BSP

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CLT staircase

CLT staircase
CLT spiral staircase
CLT plate
and attached steps
CLT steps
are screwed onto a CLT plate
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Are you looking for a staircase for your wooden house? It should be finished and made of wood?

We would be happy to create a CLT staircase for your detached house, apartment building or terraced house.

CLT | BSP | cross laminated timber Lifting system


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CLT lifting system
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The Pitzl lifting system for CLT panels works very simply: a 40 mm hole in the cross laminated timber is all that is needed.

The lifting claw is inserted into the hole. When the panel is lifted, the lifting clamp hooks into the cross-laminated timber. Up to 1,500 kg per lifting system can be lifted in this way.

To release the clamp, simply press the two releases. This way, the lifting clamp can be removed easily and without tools.