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The services of Leidorf:

XL Roboter CNC Leidorf GmbH

We build high quality Tiny houses made of CLT solid wood panels. Whether a small unit with one module, two coupled or even more modules. We would be happy to fulfil your individual and affordable dream home.


Kerto | LVL Delivery & Processing

Leidorf GmbH is a premium dealer for Laminated veneer lumber | LVL  Premium Dealer in Austria and southern Germany. We always have over 6,000 square metres of Kerto | LVL in stock.

We not only have the laminated veneer lumber in stock in Altheim / Geinberg near Passau Suben. We can also process the XL panels with a size of 13.5 x 2.5 m for you with our robot joinery system.

CLT staircase

The prefabricated staircase made of solid wood offers a number of advantages: 

  • light, yet stable
  • durable
  • sustainable
  • Easier installation
  • Can already be used as a staircase in the building shell
  • Low stress on the building structure

Holztechnik - You would like to buy CLT | cross laminated timber?

We supply CLT / cross laminated timber for your solid timber house - whether you are planning a detached house, office building, apartment building or an extension.

Are you a carpenter, private builder or developer? You can find more information about timber construction with cross laminated timber | CLT here:

BauBuche Delivery & Processing

We are specialists in the sale and processing of BauBuche. Whether BauBuche panels or BauBuche beams - we are happy to supply the high-performance laminated beech veneer lumber. In addition, we also process the material with our high-precision robot CNC system.

XL CNC machining

Leidorf specialises in XL machining of components with a size up to:

40 m length
3.5 m width
1.5 m height

We process these materials for you:
CLT, BauBuche, Kerto, CFRP, GRP, concrete formwork