CLT staircase

Prefabricated wooden staircase

CLT staircase

A CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) staircase offers several advantages: it is lightweight, yet strong and durable, allowing for easier installation and reduced stress on the building structure. In addition, CLT is a sustainable building material as it is made from wood, which is considered a renewable resource, thus helping to reduce the ecological footprint.
Alexander Leidorf
Founder and Managing Director of Leidorf GmbH

First building stairs ...

A CLT staircase can function both as a temporary construction staircase and as a permanent access solution. During the construction phase, it allows safe and convenient access to the construction site, which is crucial for efficiently transporting workers, construction machinery and building materials to the different levels of the building. What makes this staircase particularly attractive is its durability. Unlike conventional construction staircases, which have to be dismantled once construction is complete, the CLT staircase remains in the finished structure.

... then residential staircase

Unlike conventional construction stairs, which often have to be removed after construction work is completed, the CLT staircase remains in place. At the end of the construction period, it is simply cleaned and prepared for permanent use. Steps can then be installed on this staircase and a railing added to ensure user safety. This staircase also offers the option of leaving the wooden surface visible on the underside, which is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also shows off the natural beauty of the wood while providing a sustainable option for the construction project.

CLT staircase made from the full CLT cross-section

Nothing wobbles: A CLT staircase cut from the entire CLT cross-section. The homogeneous stair construction is therefore extremely stable. The CLT stairs are bound with our robot CNC system.

CLT staircase
Robot joinery
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CLT staircase
Coiled CLT staircase
CLT plate
and attached steps
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CLT staircase with attached CLT steps

The CLT staircase was prefabricated in the factory. We deliver the staircase to the construction site with our fleet of trucks. Here the staircase was lifted with a crane. Actually, this should be done as construction progresses and should happen with the crane that also assembles the walls and ceilings. In this construction project, the staircase was installed afterwards. The building envelope - also made of CLT - was fully assembled. The CLT staircase was put in place with muscle power.

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Which staircase shapes are possible with CLT?


A simple straight staircase running directly from one floor to the other.


A staircase that is interrupted by platforms or landings, resulting in a less steep and easier to climb staircase.


A staircase with a 90-degree angle that turns either right or left.


A staircase with a 180-degree angle that turns in the opposite direction.

May I use the CLT staircase in a necessary stairwell?

CLT staircase
in a necessary stairwell
For Germany:
CLT stairs can be used in the Building class 1 and 2 without restrictions be obstructed.
At the Building classes 3, 4 and 5 are only possible as a deviation.
In principle, the following regulations apply:
The load-bearing parts of necessary stairs must
  • in buildings of building class 5 fire-retardant and made of non-combustible building materials,
  • in buildings of building class 4 made of non-combustible building materials,
  • in buildings of building class 3 made of non-combustible building materials or fire-retardant
be executed.

9 Advantages of a CLT staircase | solid wood staircase

A CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) staircase offers several advantages:

  1. Sustainability: CLT is an environmentally friendly building material that consists of several layers of glued wood. It uses wood as a renewable resource and contributes to reducing the ecological footprint.

  2. Lightweight construction: CLT is lighter than many other building materials such as concrete or steel, which makes it easier to transport and install.

  3. Stability and load-bearing capacity: CLT offers high load-bearing capacity and stability, ensuring a safe and reliable stair structure.

  4. Design flexibility: CLT can be manufactured in various shapes and designs, which allows for a high degree of design diversity.

  5. Quick installation: CLT staircases can be supplied in prefabricated elements, which speeds up assembly on site and thus reduces time and costs.

  6. Healthy indoor climate: Wood regulates humidity and creates a pleasant indoor climate, which contributes to better living comfort.

  7. Aesthetics: The natural beauty of wood gives CLT stairs an appealing look that suits a variety of architectural styles.

  8. Acoustic properties: CLT is good at absorbing and dampening sound, which contributes to a pleasant acoustic environment.

  9. Less construction site dirt: The prefabricated CLT stair elements reduce site dirt and disruption during construction.

Of course, we offer you the possibility to create a customised offer for your individual CLT staircase. In this process, we pay special attention to taking your ideas and requirements into account in the best possible way.

Our experienced professionals design the solid wood staircase with the highest precision and attention to detail in an advanced 3D CAD system. All aspects of your specifications are taken into account to achieve a result that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The generated CAD data serves as the basis for the next step, in which we generate a model for the robot-controlled CNC machining of the CLT panels. This automated production enables us to ensure the highest quality and precision, which is crucial for the stability and longevity of your staircase.

After the machining process in our state-of-the-art factory, the individual parts are carefully assembled to create a first-class cross laminated timber staircase. Our experienced craftsmen use their craftsmanship here to ensure that every joint fits perfectly and that the staircase is stable and safe.

To make the whole process as convenient as possible for you, we offer the option of delivering the finished stair directly to the construction site with our own fleet of trucks. This ensures a smooth and timely delivery, so that the installation of the staircase in your construction project can proceed without delays.

Overall, we want to ensure that your CLT staircase not only meets the highest quality standards, but also meets your expectations in terms of design, functionality and efficiency. We look forward to helping you realise your project and are happy to answer any further questions you may have.