CLT connector

Easy assembly of CLT

"With the SHERPA CLT CONNECTOR, we build

you put together a skyscraper with a cordless screwdriver

No scaffolding at all - everything is screwed together from the inside."
Alexander Leidorf
Founder and Managing Director of Leidorf GmbH

We build the
SHERPA CLT-connector
already at the factory

Advantages Sherpa CLT connector

  • Simple assembly of cross laminated timber on the construction site
  • Suitable for all CLT shocks
    Wall - Ceiling - CornersLongitudinal and T-joints
  • Tested quality through system
  • Can be combined with sound insulation
  • Pre-assembled for quick assembly
  • complete element screw connection
    from the inside - without scaffolding

Video -
This is how the installation of the CLT connector works


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SHERPA inside -
CLT connectors for walls and ceilings

Sherpa CLT connector Wand-Wand
Connection of 2 wall elements
Sherpa CLT connector Wand-Decke
Connection of wall and ceiling elements, can be combined with sound insulation
Sherpa CLT connector Decke-Decke
Connection of 2 ceiling elements
CLT connector
Sherpa CLT Connector
CLT connector installed