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We are a full-range supplier for CLT | cross laminated timber

Leidorf Holzbau is your partner for solid timber houses with cross laminated timber | CLT. We support you in your project from A as in start to Z as in assembly on the building site. Unlike most CLT suppliers, we take care of the timber construction planning, material procurement and processing, prefabrication in the factory and also the logistics to the construction site. If you wish, we will also take care of the assembly of the material.

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Leidorf Holzbau - Your complete CLT supplier

With us, you get everything from a single source: from cross laminated timber procurement to delivery to the construction site. This includes, for example, timber construction planning, CLT joinery and also logistics:

CLT | BauBuche | Kerto
Manufacturer -> Leidorf
Timber construction planning
Robot programming
We source CLT | BauBuche | Kerto / LVL from over 15 manufacturers, mainly in Austria and Germany - Kerto also from Europe.
With our fleet of trucks, we collect the material from the manufacturers and bring it to our production facility in the "wood valley" Altheim.
Timber construction planning
We take over the timber construction planning for you. We work with hsbcad - a software that is very common in timber construction.
For our production we create a so-called "nesting" and a CAD / CAM planning.
Installation windows, doors,...
Leidorf -> Construction site
Construction site
XL Robot
We machine the components for you with our robot CNC system. No geometry is too complex for us. Whether round or triangular - with our robot system we can cut almost any shape.
Prefabrication in the factory
Unlike many CLT fabricators, we also install windows or doors in the factory.
We deliver the tied CLT | BauBuche | Kerto / LVL to the construction site with our own trucks. Our 17 special trailers have special permits for Austria Germany and Switzerland.
The prefabricated parts are assembled at the construction site. This is usually done by our customers themselves. We are also happy to offer assembly if you are interested.

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CLT | BSP | cross laminated timber Lifting system


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CLT lifting system
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The Pitzl lifting system for CLT panels works very simply: a 40 mm hole in the cross laminated timber is all that is needed.

The lifting claw is inserted into the hole. When the panel is lifted, the lifting clamp hooks into the cross-laminated timber. Up to 1,500 kg per lifting system can be lifted in this way.

To release the clamp, simply press the two releases. This way, the lifting clamp can be removed easily and without tools.